Traveller AIR All Season

The next generation motorhome annex

The Traveller Air All Season is the latest addition to the Dorema Motorhome range for 2017. This new model is now produced with the very latest European Ten Cate fabric as well as the Dorema ‘Easy Air Frame’ (EAF) system. This luxury Motorhome annex can now be simply erected in 5 minutes and can also be used as a freestanding awning. This new addition is extremely versatile and attaches to the Motorhome with the aid of a zip in tunnel attachment which will fit most Camper vans and Motorhomes from 180 cm – 270 cm high.

Traveller AIR All Season
Height: Designed to fit motorhomes from 180 to 320 cm in height
Tunnel 1: 180 x 210cm
Tunnel 2: 210 x 240cm
Tunnel 3: 240 x 270cm
Size: 320 x 260 cm base measurement
Depth: 260 cm
Depth of tunnel: 95 cm
Lenght of beading: 215 cm
Roof and wall material: Ten Cate All Season coated polyester. Easy to clean
Front panel: Zip out 2 position front panel
Side panels: Roll up door both on the left and right-hand side
Rear panel: fitted with a door
Ventilation: Mesh ventilation in both side panels and in the ridge of the front panel Frame: Easy Air Frame tubes
Available colours: charcoal/grey
Weight: Approx. 25 kg
Traveller Air All Season 1713.- 1199.-
Tunnel 1: 180 – 210 cm 114.- 80.-
Tunnel 2: 210 – 240 cm 129.- 90.-
Tunnel 3: 240 – 270 cm 157.- 110.-
2 Berth inner tent 113.- 79.-